HTBT undertakes the mission of "care for life, and benefit for mankind" and takes all actions to achieve the common goal of creating value for society. Specifically, our advanced, efficient and eco-friendly production technology has greatly reduced environmental pollution, our advanced technology combined with advanced equipment and international standard quality management systems has ensured the quality of drugs and maintained the health of patients, our latest technical preparation means has ensured more convenient use of drugs by patients and reduced their pain, and our systematic health education for patients has enhanced their awareness of their diseases, and improved their treatment compliance, health, and quality of life.

We treat suppliers, customers and consumers in good faith as a trustworthy partner.

HTBT has actively practiced the national green economy and medicine supply-side reform policy, and has striven to provide quality and affordable medical products for society through practical action to reduce the burden on the national medical insurance program and benefit the public.



Our business activities rely on the company's values: integrity, progress, efficiency, excellence; dedication, learning, rigorousness, collaboration. We endeavor to find a balance between fulfilling corporate social responsibility and maintaining sustainable development.Drug production is directly related to the people's health and life safety. HTBT focuses on R&D and innovation to constantly meet the new needs of patients, which is consistent with our mission-to revitalize and develop the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, to return the society with the highest quality products and services, and to provide an opportunity of success for all the staff dedicated to this mission. We always regard quality as the life of the company and use new technology to continuously improve quality control. In addition, we care about the health and life of diabetics, and have become their health consultant and considerate service provider.


We comply with the government laws and regulations about safety, health and environmental protection, and strictly implement the company's rules and regulations about safety, health and environmental protection. When dealing with issues about safety, health and environmental protection, we represent the sense of responsibility and earnestly take countermeasures as we do when handling issues about quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Based on the premise of ensuring essential safety of equipment, we standardize operation processes through the establishment of standard operating procedures, provide high-quality personal protective equipment for employees, and organize regular safety and health training. All the measures are aimed at avoiding occupational injury accidents in the production process. In order to protect the staff's hearing, the company has selected vibration-reduction low-noise equipment and has not only regularly conducted noise monitoring to ensure proper equipment running, but annually arrange the staff exposed to occupational hazards to take an occupational disease prevention examination at a medical institution designated by the government department to timely understand the staff's physical condition and avoid occupational hazards. Since the company began operation, there has not been any case of occupational disease.

The company has set up an online sewage detection station that conducts on-line detection of COD value and emissions of sewage after treatment, sends the detection data to the online sewage monitoring database of the Hefei Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and provides an actual alarm function.

All the waste such as wastewater produced by the company is discharged only after it meets the standards through strict treatment. The company entrusts a service company recognized by the Hefei Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau with harmless incineration treatment of unqualified raw materials/packaging materials, defective goods produced in the production process and products outside the period of validity and the treatment rate reaches 100%.


The management of HTBT's existing, in-process and new projects and the construction of factory facilities are both in strict accordance with international advanced standards in order to establish a benchmark for energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry.
As the company's production base, the company's main energy consumption is contributed by electric power for pharmaceutical production equipment, clean air conditioning systems, power equipment, and natural gas for boilers and canteens. Therefore, the company has been equipped with an advanced air conditioning system with unique design that ensures all the air entering the production area and being discharged to the atmosphere has been filtered and purified, and all the steam condensate produced by boilers has been recycled so as to maximize protection of employees, the production environment and the atmospheric environment.