Our Culture

HTBT is interpreted as “the gift of God”. HTBT provides quality therapeutic drugs and health services for humans.

  • Everything is a gift of God, including life, health, food and nature
  • The concept of modern enlarged health: Blood glucose control is only a part of the treatment of diabetes as complications of diabetes are often chronic diseases that requires systematic health education and health care, and the extension of health education to the public.
  • Insulin needs to be taken for life, while health needs education and care and are essentials for life.
  • HTBT undertakes the mission of "care for life, and benefit for mankind" and provides quality products and considerate services for the public.
  • Positioning

    Focus on systemic treatment, service and management of diabetics. Caring for the life, caring for the future.

  • Vision

    Become a respected and trusted global provider of diabetes products and services.

  • Mission

    Revitalize the national pharmaceutical industry and burst innovation in the field.

  • Values

    integrity, enterprising,hign efficiency, excellence; dedication, learning, rigorous, collaboration.