• Company Profile

    Hefei Tianmai Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is located in the national economic and technological development zone in Hefei, a well-known scientific and educational city in China, reputed as "a celebrated city with a big lake and a high ground of innovation". The company is an innovative high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise committed to the introduction and absorption of international advanced biotechnology, and the development, production and sales of bio-pharmaceutical products.After nearly a decade of development, HTBT has invested 3.3 billion yuan in a variety of R&D and construction projects and plans to invest more than 5 billion yuan in the next decade.

  • Cooperation Innovation

    HTBT is working with the world's leading biotechnology company in Israel, focusing on technology R&D, product production and systematic services in the field of diabetes. Since 2010, HTBT has established a joint laboratory in Yavne, Israel and successfully invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ORMP). Over the past 6 years, HTBT has successfully developed recombinant human insulin and insulin analogue APIs and insulin finished products in 2015, HTBT and its partner jointly launched the oral insulin capsule project to develop the innovative Protein Drugs Oral Delivery technology and fill the gap in the international market. Currently, our oral insulin capsules have completed the IIb-phase clinical trial in USA and will soon have the III-phase international multi-center clinical trial in China. The company's production facilities are designed and built in accordance with the EU GMP and China's GMP standards and our main equipments are imported from Europe and USA. In addition, the company has broken the traditional drug sales model, and established a diabetes management model most suitable for China.

  • Efficient

    HTBT's efficient, eco-friendly and energy-saving API production process, and innovative Protein Drug Oral Delivery technology not only bring innovative treatments for diabetes, but are specific actions that respond to and practice the national green economy and medical supply-side reform policy.

  • Vision

    HTBT, interpretatively “the gift of God”, undertakes the mission of "Caring for the life, caring for the future" and aims at becoming a respectable and trustworthy bio-pharmaceutical company in Asia and a global bio-pharmaceutical product R&D and production base with representative products such as oral insulin capsules, recombinant human insulin, insulin analogues and GLP-1 (GLP-1 receptor agonists).

HTBT emphasizes intellectual property protection and has 3 domestic invention patents、20 utility new model patents and 76 approved trademark registration certificates.
Intellectual property and trademark

Company Milestone

  • Obtained GMP certificate for recombinant human insulin(API). Obtained GMP certificate and registration certificate for recombinant human insulin injection.

    April 2018
  • Pilot plant of recombinant insulin capsule,analysis center and pilot plant of SBTI started construction.

    Decernber 2017
  • Hosted 1st Summit Forum on Healthcare Industry.

    September 2017
  • Recombinant human insulin and Recombinant human insulin injection passed register production site inspection by Center for Food and Drug Inspection of CFDA,and GMP certification inspection by Anhui Food and Drug Administration.

    August 2017
  • HTBT signed an oral insulin capsule co-development agreement with an Israeli partner.

    November 2015
  • Patented technology acquired for the GLP-1 analogs and applications for the treatment of type Ⅱ diabetes.

    October 2015
  • HTBT completed the development, process amplification and commercial-scale process development and production of the second generation of insulin, and the third generation (long acting, fast acting) of insulin analogues.

  • Dr. Shmuel Hess was awarded the “friendship award” of Chinese government, and was met by premier li keqiang in the Great Hall of People on the eve of the National Day.

    September 2014
  • The project of "Environmental Friendly Key Production Technology Platform of Recombinant Human Insulin and Insulin Analogs,and Preclinical Study of New Long Acting Insulin Analogs (VAN-103)” was listed as National Science & Technology Major Project of “Major Project for New Drug Creation“.

    June 2014
  • HTBT Academician Workstation of Anhui Province, co-founded by HTBT and Academician Liu Changxiao, was officially inaugurated.

    April 2014
  • HTBT's mass production workshop was built, carried out trial production successfully, and obtained high purity insulin crystals.

    November 2013
  • HTBT was defined as National International Science & Technology Cooperation Base by the Ministry Of Science And Technology. Project name is international Science & Technology Cooperation Base of Research on the Application of Biotechnology.The project undertook Program for national S&T Cooperation Program of China in 2013.

    September 2013
  • HTBT’s project of "Joint Research and Development of New Insulin Analogs" was listed in international S&T Cooperation Program of China(ISTCP).

    February 2013
  • HTBT's Category 1 drug VAN-103, a novel long-acting insulin analogue, was successfully developed at the R&D center.

    June 2012
  • HTBT signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Bio-Pharmaceutical Anhui Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of the School of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China.

    May 2011
  • HTBT officially launched the recombinant human insulin APIs and preparations production project.

    September 2010