HTBT respects and values the quality, potential, character, personal performance and development of staff, and is committed to providing them with the most suitable career development platform and comprehensive career development support.

A friendly and open working environment: The Hefei Economic & Technological Development Area is designed with many meandering trails and pavilions to provide a garden-style office environment for staff in this bustling city. In the open environment, the staff can get close to nature, take a stroll or walk, and have the time, space and mind to concentrate, adjust and relax themselves.

Outlook on talent: We are always committed to finding professional talents that meet the company's vision and values, and the pursuit of progress and innovation is the driving force of our search for talent. Here at HTBT, first-class teams with talent, vision and ambition are working hard for higher goals every single day. We expect to have talents with professional ethics and skills who recognize our culture and can make contributions to the company to join us and work together for the health of the mankind.

A sound and fair salary and welfare system: The Company has developed a sound salary evaluation system to ensure a fair, impartial and comprehensive evaluation of the staff's value and contribution, and encourage self-learning and development of the staff based on internal and external salary fairness. In addition, a comprehensive, thoughtful and competitive welfare system will cover all the important stages of your life!

A leading staff training and development system: As stated in our mission "to provide an opportunity of success for all the staff dedicated to this mission", HTBT attaches great importance to talent development, and seek suitable positions for staff based on their character and ability to give full play to their strengths and enable them to work with dignity for their unique value. We provide comprehensive training and development support to help new employees to quickly become a part of the HTBT family and competent for their jobs.

We support the employees to continuously improve themselves, and help every employee to learn and improve their knowledge and skills to be able to assume a higher position. Our administrative staff mainly comes from internal development and promotion.

Broad career development space: HTBT has established its own R&D center, raw materials production base and preparations production base through cooperation with international and domestic research institutions and provided a R&D and production platform for regional biotechnology development. Our business platform covers the entire pharmaceutical value chain system from R&D, manufacturing to logistics and sales, and will offer you potential opportunities to experience all the fields.