interview process
In general, the interview have a phone interview, video interview, interview and so on several different forms.The whole process of the interview, the candidate will respectively and the human resources department, business department related colleagues for a meeting, depending on the specific position.

Salary and welfare
Day wheat biological pay competitive salary according to different positions.Due to the requirements of each position is different, each candidate's education and work background, skills and special experience is different also, according to biological day salary, assessment system, each person's salary is different also.

Resume submitted
Day wheat creature except in his own official website have position demand release, also with 51 job recruitment cooperation, you can in the related duty station to apply for the open position.If you need further to provide more information, days of biological staff will contact with you.We will offer you a fair chance, for in the days of wheat and the possibility of biological development.

Every day will receive a lot of resumes, we can't timely every job seekers to provide information to update.We will for you to submit a resume to apply for position to evaluate you.If we think you are conform to the requirements of the job, is responsible for the recruitment of staff will contact you directly.