To Carry Out Efficient Practical Work And Promote Project Construction

Date:2012-12-05 00:00

Hefei Daily - yesterday afternoon, the Third Scheduling Meeting of the Municipal Major Project Leadership Team was held at the Administrative Service Center of Hefei Municipal Government. The meeting summarized the progress of the city's major projects in the recent period and made a specific schedule for investment programs with central budget in 2012 and 4 projects including HTBT's insulin project. Wu Cunrong, Anhui Provincial Standing Committee Member, Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Communist Party Committee and leader of the municipal major project leadership team, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that with the guidance of the spirits of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, we should carry out efficient practical work, vigorously promote project construction, proper use and manage central investment and accelerate the construction of a regional mega city to make new and greater contributions to building a better Anhui."

The meeting was attended by Zhang Qingjun, Deputy Secretary Of Municipal Communist Party Committee and Mayor, Han Bing, Municipal Standing Committee Member and Vice Mayor, Zhou Shanwu, Municipal Standing Committee Member and Vice Mayor, Zhao Longchi, Hefei Customs Commissioner, Dai Jining, Vice President of Hefei Center Sub-Branch of the People's Bank, and Dai Yonghua, Deputy Director of Anhui Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The meeting was also attended by the leaders of some member units of the urban major project leadership team and its offices, leaders from relevant departments of the county, city and district-level governments, the National Hefei Economic & Technological Development Area, the Hefei New Municipal And Cultural District, the Binhu New District and relevant municipal departments, and the leaders from relevant project companies.

Since the second scheduling meeting of the city's major project leadership team this year, our city has further improved the scheduling system, enhanced scheduling efficiency and strongly promoted project construction. During January and October, the team's scheduling projects have received an investment of 38.893 billion yuan. So far this year, our city has obtained an investment project fund of 1.197 billion yuan from central budget 2012 for 187 projects covering six aspects: indemnificatory housing, livelihood projects and rural infrastructure and urbanization acceleration, major infrastructure, social undertakings such as education and health, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and independent innovation capability and industrial structure adjustment.

After listening to the report and speech carefully, Wu Cunrong pointed out that there is no development without a project and that there is no good and fast development without big and good projects. He said, "so far this year, the city's projects and investment work has gone smoothly. Now, we need to further enhance the sense of urgency, actively implement the target, continue to refine the promotion measures and focus on accelerating the projects. We must ensure that more construction projects are completed this year, strive to start a number of new projects, and make a proper plan for the projects in advance. We should also accelerate the construction of existing projects and the signing of new projects, spare no effort to implement the projects, and always put quality and safety on our top priority. The preparatory work for the projects should be further linked with the city's development plan, and major supporting policies. We should further enhance the ability of discrimination, carry out systematic research on all kinds of projects, introduce down-to-earth and efficient enterprises, and support down-to-earth and efficient projects. We should further simplify the approval procedures and optimize the approval process on the premise of handling matters according to law and policy. In particular, the urban industrial parks are the industrial carrier as well as the industry development platform and should be included in the scheduling projects of the city's major project leadership team. Meanwhile, promoting the industrialization of houses has great significance. We should continue to strengthen leadership, give the necessary guidance and support, speed up the development of technical standards, and make scientific analysis and comprehensive comparison from the systematic and economic perspective to continuously promote its growth.”

Wu stressed, "so far this year, given the complex and severe macroeconomic environment, the central government has increased investment within the central budget to accelerate the construction of infrastructure and the people's livelihood projects. These measures provide a rare opportunity for our development. We must properly use and manage the central investment, further enhance awareness, clearly define responsibilities, and take effective measures to accelerate the implementation of the investment plan within the central budget and ensure the completion of the task."

"We should attach great importance to and earnestly implement integrity, focus on project startup, construction and management, effectively strengthen quality management of central investment projects while earnestly implementing the relevant provisions of financial management to ensure the funds are used for their specified purpose only. We should carry out effective supervision and inspection, establish and improve the weekly report system on the implementation of the investment plan within the central budget and make a monthly schedule."

Zhang Qingjun said, "We should continue to dynamically adjust the projects, include new, good and large projects in a timely manner and further increase the coordination efforts. As for projects included in the list, we should focus on promoting the preparatory work, clearly define responsibilities and promote project startup and construction as soon as possible. We should set proper lead time, and properly arrange the work schedule to create better conditions for promotion of the projects. Meanwhile, we should pay more attention to and increase efforts to promote investment projects within central budget."(Zong He, Wu Jun)